Qantas lets you pre-select your meal with “Select on Q-Eat”

Qantas has now rolled out its “Select on Q-Eat” across many of its international Business Class and Premium Economy flights, including Australia to LA and Australia to London.  You can read more on the Qantas website at:

Select on Q-Eat is being extended to customers travelling internationally in Economy from late 2013 according to Qantas Corporate Communications Adviser Ms Courtney Treak.

You can pre-order from 7 days out.  It’s a very simple process as I experienced this week when ordering my meal for my flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.

Step 1 – log into your Frequent Flyer account and view your booking, and then select “View/Change/Check-In”.

Step 2 – next to “Customise your journey” click on “Book now”.  From here you can choose your meal and also book your airport limousine transfer if you’re travelling in Business Class.



Step 3 – choose your flight from drop down menu and then select “Pre-order your meal”.



Step 4 – make your selection from the options available.  You can choose a specific meal, choose to wait and select on the plane or skip the meal entirely.  I chose the grilled pork with almond and mint sauce and roasted chat potatoes.  Sounds quite tasty!



Summary – on this flight I’m travelling to New York, and there wasn’t an option to choose my meal between LA and New York.

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