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“It’s cheaper to send data to the International Space Station than it is to use international data roaming in the UK”

Lake Hollywood Park with the famous Hollywood sign in the background

Lake Hollywood Park with the famous Hollywood sign in the background

Avoid Roaming Charges

Hello! We started selling USA SIM Cards more than 10 years ago on eBay. We traveled to the USA in 2010, with an iPhone 4, too scared to even turn it on because we didn’t want to run up a $20,000 roaming bill with Telstra! Back then, international roaming with Telstra, Optus or Vodafone was a total rip off (remember reading those horror stores in the news about people getting hit with huge roaming fees?). Back then, it was cheaper to send data to the International Space Station orbiting 370km above the Earth than it was to use international data roaming in the USA.

So we went into a few AT&T and T-Mobile network stores in the hopes of buying a SIM Card, but got told we couldn’t buy one because our Australian phone wouldn’t work, or we needed a social security number, or we had to sign up to a contract. One customer service rep told us that the cell phone towers would fry my Australian phone!

Then, before our next trip to the USA we did some research, found some connections and worked out how to buy SIM Cards in wholesale. Our next trip after that meant our traveling companions were amazed that we could set up a USA SIM Card for them right here in Australia so their phone was working as soon as they landed. 

And so that’s why we set up the website usaprepaidsimcard.com.au: to help other Aussies taking a trip to the USA. The website has come a long way! In the beginning the biggest data amount we could sell was just a measly 1GB of 3G speed data! Now it’s UNLIMITED data and it’s 5G! And with technology evolving, we’re excited to now offer eSIM on our all of our plans.

We look forward to helping you enjoy your USA trip, whether it’s for a holiday or business. Stay connected on your mobile phone just like how you do at home, without having to worry about international roaming. Be like a local and enjoy your trip!

We make it simple for you …

We make it simple for you to use your own device when you’re in the USA, just like how you use it back home.

You’ll get super fast unlimited 5G data and unlimited calls and texts and you’ll always be connected!  Whether you want calls and SMS, or to be able to check Google Maps, update your Facebook status, post photos on Instagram, send and receive emails and use all those Apps or if you just want your phone for emergency use, then a USA SIM Card from www.usaprepaidsimcard.com.au is perfect for you!


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