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Got a question about our SIM Cards?

First, take a look at our FAQ page because your question might already be answered there.

Got a question about delivery? Our delivery information page tells you about delivery times. If you URGENTLY need a SIM Card there’s no need to email or call us: you can just place your order now on our website and choose Express Post.

If you’ve still got a question there’s a few ways you can contact us:

Live Chat

If you’re viewing our website on your mobile phone, just tap the green chat bubble on the right of your screen where you can chat with us on WhatsApp.



WhatsApp message us at +447882165545. You must be using the WhatsApp app to message us. If you call the phone number or send an SMS text message it won’t work.

The fastest way to ask a question and get an answer is to send a WhatsApp message to our dedicated 24/7 WhatsApp Support Team. 

If you’re using your phone to view this website, just click here to message us on WhatsApp. Clicking the link will automatically open WhatsApp on your phone and create a new chat with us.

If you’re using your computer to view this website, just scan the QR code below with your phone to message us on WhatsApp. Scanning the code will automatically open WhatsApp on your phone and create a new chat with us.

Call Us

1300 123 274


(02) 9119 2954

24/7 USA Support

WhatsApp message us at +447882165545.

Our 24/7 WhatsApp Rapid Response Support Team is the fastest and most efficient way to contact us for support questions. Whether it’s at 6am when your plane touches down at Los Angeles, or at 10pm when you’re drinking a martini in New York.

Email us at


You can message us on Facebook. Click here for our Facebook page


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