As recognised by the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Australia, New York City is a buzzing hub that is forever on the go, ever-changing, and surprising with stunning new developments and upcoming events. We have rounded up five of the most exciting new and upcoming happenings in NYC that perfectly embody this spirit of transformation and innovation.

“New York City is not just a city; it’s a world – a world that is continually evolving. From innovative restaurants opening their doors to world-class museums presenting groundbreaking exhibitions to stunning architectural marvels shaping the city skyline, NYC surprises and delights at every turn. At Max Funding, we believe in supporting businesses that foster such dynamic change and growth,” says travel enthusiast and small business loan provider Shane Perry at Max Funding.

Here are the new and upcoming events in New York City that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Rising High: The St. John’s Terminal

St. John’s Terminal, located at the southern edge of Hudson Square, is more than just a transformation; it’s a revolution in urban lifestyle. Originally the primary freight terminal of the High Line railway, the venue is now evolving into a multi-dimensional hub that harmoniously blends work, shopping, wellness, and culture. Imagine strolling under its sprawling 100-foot atrium or sipping a latte in the sky parks overlooking the Hudson River.

2. Light up the Night: KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature

There’s a luminary on the horizon set to ignite the New York Botanical Garden this spring. KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature, artistry by the renowned Yayoi Kusama, is an intriguing exhibition that encapsulates seven decades of the artist’s innovative exploration. Adorning the Botanical Garden from April 10th to October 31st, 2021, you’re invited to partake in her whimsical world.

3. A New Stage: Little Island

New York’s latest marvel, Little Island, is set to open in Spring 2021 as an oasis of nature and culture. Floating on whimsically sculptured pillars above the Hudson River, this creative hub offers an escape from city life while being a stone’s throw away from NYC’s bustling city centre. With an impressive line-up of live performances and community programs, you’ll want to live-stream your favourite moments.

4. An Untouched Feast: Smorgasburg

A culinary world unfolds as Smorgasburg, America’s largest weekly open-air food market, promises to return with bustling crowds and tantalising new tastes in Spring 2021. The exceptional gastronomic experience will surely be a feast for your senses with the promise of sizzling and innovative food ventures.

5. Brooklyn Waterfront’s Revamp: River Street Waterfront Master Plan

Brooklyn’s waterfront is set to embark on a transformative journey with the upcoming River Street Waterfront Master Plan. Under Two Tree’s guidance, this project will host residential towers that soar to breathtaking views while embracing the waterfront with a magnificent public beach. For those looking to track the exciting transformation, our USA prepaid sim card ensures you remain connected and tuned in to every update, marking milestones virtually and staying ahead in this architectural journey.

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